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Route 66 runs from California to Illinois and passes through six additional states.  Its creation brought our nation together, connecting families and commerce, by making interstate travel more readily available by auto. The mere mention of Route 66 brings back nostalgic memories of happier times, strong family values and society moving at a much slower pace.

Unfortunately, Route 66 is more revered in foreign countries that it is here at home, most of the travelers now a days are foreigners. Since the Mother Road is not as popular in the United States, as it once was, Kris wanted to bring awareness to this treasure; the need to keep the highway repaired and open and to support our local tourism is an important part of our historical heritage. To accomplish this, she designed a fun pageant that would take place at the local Saturday Night Cruisers Car Show, that anyone from anywhere, would be able to enter in just their street clothes, no fancy gowns necessary.


A Little More History...

The National Route 66 Pageant was founded in 2001 by Kristine Watson and was held for the first time at the Barstow Mall. Being a pageant director since 1980, Kris understood that a little sparkle from a crown, added that special touch to any event and helped bring awareness to many worthy causes.

The Route 66 Museum in Barstow had been open for only a few years when Kris came up with the idea of having a National contest that would crown representatives that could support and promote the various Route 66 Museums across the United States.

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